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Support - to maintain by supplying with things necessary to existence; provide for: to support a company.


We offer your organisation end-to-end IT support, allowing you to focus on what you do best, while we manage your technical environments.

IT Security

  • Worried about the security of your network?
  • Not got your mission-critical business data securely held?
  • Worried about people being able to access your data?
  • Concerned about viruses, hackers, and 'spyware'?

IT security is become an evermore important issue for todays businesses. If you answered yes to any of the above, then we can help you! We can come into you organization and give a full and thorough report on your current IT security set-up and inform you how you can improve your computer systems to prevent loss of data and attacks.

You can then either carry out the suggestions recommended in the IT security report, or get us to implement the suggested solutions.

The investment made into safeguarding your data can be immeasurable compared to the cost to the business if an attack on your system succeeds!

SharePoint Support

Webtechy prides itself in offering effective IT support for our customers, and with our wealth of experience in the area of SharePoint, we can offer extensive SharePoint support related to your specific environment (including hardware and operating system support, SQL Server, and related SharePoint technologies) to ensure you get the maximum return for investment in your SharePoint solution.

On-Site Support

We provide remote support to ensure most issues are resolved quickly and effectively. However, in some instances it may be required to visit your premises on-site. Where an issue cannot be fixed by remote control - we may be required to attend your premises, for example, in order to replace a failed hard drive or correct an Internet connectivity issue.

For on-site call-outs, you will receive a discounted hourly rate for any on-site work.

Remote Support

Remote support means we can access your computer (with yor permission) to remotely diagnose and fix any issues there and then. This provides us with a fantistic way to resolve IT issues quickly and effectively, there and then, without having to wait hours or days to get the problem fixed.

Remote support enables us to login to your machine quickly and securely and correct issues there and then, with the minimum of impact to your business.

How does it work? We send you an invite either while on the phone or during, online chat, or e-mail, which contains a link to instantly open the support session. From here, we are able to remotely view and control your computer to solve the problem just as though we were sitting at your desk.

For contracted customers, you can even permit us to perform out-of-hours remote support using the unattended support option to the remote assistance. This means that should you desire, we can administer your PC without you even needing to be there.

Disaster Planning, Recovery and Backup

Many organisations don't see a backup procedure as critical until such a time they wish they'd had one in place! At this point it is usually too late and so a reliable backup is critical to ensure all your valuable data is safe, whether the victim of a system crash or your entire office burning down.

Would you be able to recover from disaster quickly? Monitoring and alerts makes sure your backups are being carried out successfully by analysis of the daily reports.

After our initial audit, and on an on-going basis, recommendations will be made in the event that inadequate or no backup is in place.

System Monitoring

As part of our initial review and audit of your environment, your systems are configured to alert us to any issues that occur. By monitoring backup logs, virus alerts and other critical system activities you can be confident automated tasks are being carried out successfully.

In addition, we can use a monitoring software agent on your network, which allows us to automatically discover and monitor all your key systems and take control of your computers, servers and applications. We can remotely monitor items such as:

  • Inventory
  • Network usage
  • Server health
  • Patch management
  • Logs

In addition, we monitor your internet connection and other external facing services. If any become unavailable, a ticket will be automatically created and an engineer will look into the issue, many times before you have even realised there is a problem.

GoToManage - Monitoring of key systems

Please get in touch to find out more and get a quote.

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