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Collaboration - the act of working with others; coorperate.


Effective communication, whether between employees or to your customers, is critical in todays market. Collaboration allows for more successful projects, customer satisfaction, and effectiveness within the organization.

The tool of choice in todays enterprise to allow for this improved collaboration, is Microsoft SharePoint. We have years of experience in implementing this solution into organizations from a few people, to large multi-national corporations.

SharePoint Intranets

An Intranet is an in-house website that serves the employees of the enterprise. Although intranet pages may link to the Internet, an intranet is not a site accessed by the general public. Therefore, if you want to improve communication between employees we can offer you the perfect web-based solution for your needs.

Possible benefits this can bring to your organization are:

  • Improved communication to your employees
  • Centralized storage of corporate information
  • Easy access to corporate information

Webtechy recommend Microsoft Sharepoint for building effective and dynamic intranet sites. We can offer considerable experience with installing, configuring and customising Sharepoint solutions.

Microsoft Sharepoint is an ideal package for improving communication and collaboration within your organisation, giving you an enterprise-wide service for all of your employees to access, wherever they are located. This in turn brings more business value through richer collaboration.

As a web-based solution, Sharepoint is straight-forward to install and customise centrally. It can be setup to run on a single server, or a cluster of servers if your requirements are greater. Everything within it can be customised for your exact needs.

Webtechy have worked extensively since 2004 with Microsoft Sharepoint, and are some of the most experienced developers in the field.

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